Onze cultuur

Bij LyondellBasell stimuleren we een cultuur waarin je kunt:

Groeien, zowel persoonlijk als professioneel
Samenwerken met anderen om innovatieve oplossingen te ontwikkelen
Worden beloond voor resultaten
Ons wereldwijde team werkt toe naar één gedeelde visie. Onze visie, missie en waarden leggen de grondslag voor succes.

Cultuur van veiligheid

Door onze voortdurende focus op een werkplek zonder incidenten, behoren we consistent in de top 10% van alle bedrijven in onze industrie.  Meer informatie over de cultuur en GoalZERO bij LyondellBasell.

Outstanding Growth Opportunities

We operate with a collaborative staff, making the contributions of each individual critical to our success. Our highly-efficient structure allows employees to have roles that make a true impact in the organization. We invest in our team through on-the-job opportunities (rotational assignments and developmental projects), learning from others (mentors and role models), and in-class training.

We deliver endless opportunities for career development. At LyondellBasell, your career path is an ever-growing opportunity that will shape your professional development and create value for customers and stakeholders you support.

One example of this is our structured, yet flexible, engineering development program. Upon joining the company, new engineers are partnered with a senior engineering mentor who will provide guidance and feedback to help them succeed. Throughout their first assignment, new engineers work closely with their supervisors to determine possible job rotations that are a "best fit" – helping them to reach their goals while filling business needs. Our rotational process offers diverse assignments, maximizing exposure to different technologies, functions, locations, and cultures.

Other functions offer similar experiences for their employees, who partner with their managers to identify development needs and experiences that will help them grow.

We offer endless opportunities for career development. At LyondellBasell, your career path is limited only by your imagination. Ultimately, you will shape your own career by taking the lead in your personal and professional development.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Our team of employees are vital to delivering outstanding performance through a focus on continuous improvement and a strategic emphasis on being the most valued chemical company in the industry today and tomorrow. Benefits include:

  • Choice of Preferred Provider or Consumer Driven Medical Plan including Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental, Vision and Employee Assistance Program
  • 401(k) Plan with Company Match
  • Retirement (Pension) Plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life, AD&D and LTD Insurance
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Vacation and Holidays
  • Educational Assistance