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Warehouse Handler


Suzhou, CN

Req ID:  80951
Facility:  Suzhou-485
Department:  Warehouse
Division:  Global APS

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Basic Function

1. Responsible for Forklift daily inspection, warehouse area inspection, racks inspection and warehouse office inspection. 负责叉车的日常点检、仓库区域库位点检、货架点检和仓库办公室点检。

2. Responsible for raw material physical receiving in accord with Raw material receiving procedure. Monitor and push delivery driver follow site’s safety requirement.负责根据原材料收货程序对原材料实物收货,督促供应商遵循公司的安全要求并将原材料存放在指定区域。

3. Responsible for replenishing the raw materials to racks负责对指定原材料货架补料。

4. Responsible for material transfer between Plant Site and external warehouse.负责工厂仓库和外租仓库间原材料和成品调拨。

5. Responsible for material production issue and material return. 负责生产物料的发料和退料。根据生产备料单将指定的原材料发到生产备料区,将生产剩余物料退回库位。

6. Neaten warehouse material by restacking and rearranging the storage location. 负责仓库区域库位的整理。

Roles & Responsibilities

7. Responsible for stock cycle-count and investigate the variance.负责周期性进行仓库物料盘点并根据盘点结果找出物料差异的原因。

8. Responsible for Material transfer system operation. 负责仓库的调拨移库的系统操作。

9. Responsible for warehouse housekeeping and 5S Implementation. 负责仓库对仓库打扫卫生和执行仓库5S

10. Responsible for stock in transfer and delivery for Finish goods in accord with the FG Shipping procedure and the warehouse management procedure. 负责根据成品发货程序和仓库管理程序完成成品入库、调拨和发货。

11. Abide Site’s Safety work requirement. Monitor and push supplier truck driver to follow site’s safety requirement.遵守公司安全操作要求并督促供应商遵循公司的安全要求。

12. Implement other working task assigned by supervisor. 执行主管安排的额外的工作任务。

Min. Qualifications

Education 教育:


  1. High school or technical school education. 高中或职业技术学校

Work Experience 工作经验:

  1. At least 2~3 year related experience in FIE. 外企2~3年相同工作经验。
  2. SAP experience is preferred.


Licenses & Certifications 证书和证件:

  1. Forklift driving licence 叉车驾驶证

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Willing to learn 乐于学习。
  2. Hard Working. 工作 努力,做事踏实。
  3. Have strong safety & housekeeping awareness 有很强的安全意识和仓库保洁意识。
  4. Demonstrate collaboration 具有团队合作精神。
  5. Communication Effectively建立有效沟通的能力。
  6. Ensure Accountability 富有责任感。
  7. 保证行为符合相关的健康、安全、环境(ISO14001)的要求
  8. Basic computer skills (check inventory/stock data input) 基本的计算机知识,能检查库存数据。
  9. Operate ERP system or stock management system。会操作简单的ERP系统或库存管理系统。
  10. Basic English skills required for read and write. 基本的英语读写能力。


Builds effective teams
Cultivates innovation
Customer focus
Demonstrates courage
Drives results
Ensures accountability
Instills trust and exemplifies integrity

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