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ADTS Engineer (Vietnam)



Req ID:  74123
Facility:  Ho Chi Minh-9997
Department:  ADTS SEA
Division:  Global Olefins & Polyolefins

ADTS Engineer (Vietnam)

Basic Function

Manage current and prospective end customers, develop sales, create value and grow target products.


Meet customer requirements by coordinating the introduction of new products and providing technical service to support the use of existing products.


Support domestic and regional development programs of regional JV’s.


Key output from the ADTS Engineer

  • Facilitate fast conversion – from exploring the concept to commercial regular use.
  • Build Trust and Gain acceptance at the technical and operation levels of the customers.
  • Build the comfort of the customers to keep using the products at the highest level possible.
  • Identify/Track the techno-commercial needs of the customers or the market segments.
  • Work with Supply Source to meet the critical technical need (e.g. odor concern, special packaging for inventory management).
  • Help the commercial team to prioritize the opportunities and craft out the conversion plan.
  • Help to evaluate the value proposition of new products vs. competition and hence recommend the product positioning.

Roles & Responsibilities


  1. Product & Market Development
  1. Identify new markets, products, applications, and customers to support the company as the market and innovation leader in Polyolefins. Coordinate new product introduction among production, marketing and customers.
  2. Bring successful products/applications to JV’s domestic and export markets
  3. Carry out and update market surveys of key segments. Bring market performance requirement to R&D and Production to design and develop suitable product quality.
  4. Propose change of product specification and formulation when necessary to satisfy new customer requirement.
  5. Prepare product benefit package to customers. Prepare product trial plan so as to get buy-in of the customers’ operators to accept the proposal for trial and issue trial reports to capture trial learnings from the success and failure so that we can adjust winning and success recipes.


  1. Product Quality Maintenance and Improvement
  1. Be a strong advocate of quality and actively initiate/support the improvement of product quality and service quality with satisfying customer needs.
  2. Ensure that product quality complaints are reported, investigated and settled down.



      3.Technical Service

  1. Ensure timely and effective technical support to customers for full satisfaction of using our products.
  2. Attend on site trials of our products at customers’ plants and assist customer in optimising processing conditions. Coordinate with technical service staff in other locations if necessary.
  3. Training of customers and internal staff in uses and benefits of our products. Organise customer seminars to introduce products and how our products can be used to give better performance results.


      4. Product Stewardship

  1. Advising customers on safe of use and applications of our products, e.g. food contact approvals, etc.
  2. Be advised on the regulatory requirement applicable to our products and end use industries.


       5. Market, Application and Competition Knowledge

  1. Monitor and report market trends, new technology, competition activities and product introduction.

Min. Qualifications


B.S (or higher) degree in Chemical Engineering, Polymer Science & Engineering, (Mech. Eng.)


Work Experience:

min. 5 years experience in R&D, ADTS, Production in polyolefin industry.

The more in different applications, the better.



Proficient in spoken/written English.

Functional Competencies

Application and Process Knowledge

General knowledge in polymer application (Film, Injection, Blow Molding), its processing technology, and testing methods.  

Good understanding of product performance and benefits in use.


Safety and Product Stewardship

Awareness and attitude in related Product Safety, Food contact approvals. 

Understanding Product Risks Management and awareness in daily activities, complaint handling, and customer communications.


Project Management

Manage project plan to achieve technical approvals and commercialization of our product (Critical Path, Milestones, Resource required/team deployment).

Understand the importance of priority settings and Goal alignments.


Presentation and Communication Skills

Communicate key messages and engage the audience openly and clearly.

Able to focus on the key issues/opportunities of the customers.


Builds effective teams
Cultivates innovation
Customer focus
Demonstrates courage
Drives results
Ensures accountability
Instills trust and exemplifies integrity

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